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Moorland Heating’s Frequently Asked Boiler & Central Heating Questions

We’ve put together a list of some of the most commonly asked questions our customers have when they’re thinking of installing a new boiler or making improvements to their central heating system.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01752 338810 or by submitting our contact form.

Boiler FAQs:

What type of boiler can you install?

At Moorland Heating, we can install combi, system and regular boilers from a range of industry-leading suppliers, such as Worcester, Vaillant and Vokera. To get an indicative price for our range of boilers, please use our Boiler Quote tool. You can also contact us to arrange for a home visit and a fixed price quote. 

My property isn’t connected to a natural gas network, can you supply a boiler to suit my needs?

Yes, Moorland Heating can supply and install a selection of LPG boilers. Please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation survey, so that our experienced heating engineers can provide an indicative quote and recommend the most suitable LPG boiler package for your property.

How long does a boiler service take?

Typically, a boiler service from Moorland Heating takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

It’s recommended that you get an annual boiler service. This not only keeps your boiler warranty active, but it means that any small issues can be identified and rectified before they become big problems. Yearly boiler servicing is a small price to pay for a boiler and heating system that functions effectively, safely and efficiently.

How long does it take to have a boiler replaced?

A standard boiler replacement (I.e. Replacing an old boiler with a new one of the same type) generally takes a day. However, if there is conversion work needed (Converting a from a system or conventional boiler to a combi boiler for example), pipework to replace or complications, this kind of work can take longer. When we carry out a home visit, we will provide an estimate for the time involved.

Will you take away my old boiler?

Yes, we will remove and dispose of your old boiler after we’ve fitted a new boiler.

I’ve booked my boiler installation with you, is there anything I need to do beforehand?

There’s very little you need to do to prepare for a boiler installation, though it would be really helpful if you could:

  • Clear the area around the boiler and hot water cylinder, so our engineers have easy access
  • Let us know where the main fuse box and the gas and water mains control valves are

It’s important to remember that during the installation process, your hot water supply will be disrupted and that there will be brief spells where your electricity, gas and cold water supply will be shut off so we can complete work.

Central Heating FAQs:

What is a central heating power flush?

A central heating power flush is a cleaning process that’s designed to remove sludge in your central heating system. Deposits (Such as rust, limescale and other substances) can cause blockages and reduce the efficiency of your heating system and can eventually result in blockages and damage, which can be costly to fix.

A power flush from Moorland Heating involves sending water and a chemical cleanser rapidly through your heating system using a Magnacleanse flushing machine. Next, we run your heating and hot water until full circulation is restored and once fully flushed, we drain your heating system and add in a magnetic system filter before refiling with a chemical inhibitor.

Why does my radiator have cold spots?

Cold spots in a radiator could be due to trapped air or a build-up of sludge in the system. This can be easily rectified by our heating engineers, so please call us to book a central heating system check.

Landlord & Commercial FAQs:

Do you supply gas certificates for landlords?

Yes, Moorland Heating can provide landlord gas safety certificates following an annual inspection of all flues, chimneys, gas appliances and pipework. The current cost for a gas safety certificate is £66 + VAT. We also provide a wide range of additional landlord services.

General FAQs:

Are you Gas Safe Registered?

Yes, Moorland Heating are a Gas Safe Registered business (Registration Number 206258) and all of our heating engineers are fully qualified and accredited to provide a range of domestic services.

What should I do if I smell gas?

If you can smell gas in your home, it’s essential to follow the safety advice from the Gas Safe Register:

  • Turn off your supply at the emergency control valve, if it’s safe to do so
  • Extinguish any naked flames and do not smoke
  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the area
  • Get outside for fresh air and contact the National Gas Emergency Line on 0800 111 999 to report the issue

If you feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately and inform them that you might’ve been exposed to carbon monoxide.

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If you’re in need of a new or replacement boiler, please use our handy Boiler Quote function and answer a few simple questions to get an instant, indicative quote. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01752 338810 to book in work, find out more about our services and discuss your requirements.



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