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How will the Government’s new ‘Boiler Tax’ policy have an effect on homeowners?

On the 30th November 2023, the Government announced that the Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHMM) would be coming into force from 1st January 2024.

This ‘boiler tax’ policy is going to have an impact on the UK’s heating industry.  The CHMM has been introduced to aid the UK in its commitment to achieving Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and the Government’s rationale behind the tax, is to increase the uptake of low carbon heat pumps. 

This regulatory measure will require boiler manufacturers to sell a specific percentage of their total sales, as heat pumps.  Year 1 target is 4%, year 2 target is 6%.  As a result of this, they will be charged a Levy of £3,000 per heat pump not sold. Unfortunately, as a result, this will also lead to additional costs for manufacturers, which are likely to be passed on to consumers in the form of higher boiler prices.

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Heat Pumps

Whilst heat pumps may save you money in the long term, and are obviously better for the environment, their high installation costs and the need for suitable infrastructure and plumbing make the prospect of changing to this method of heating ‘out-of-reach’ for many people.  Some properties do not lend themselves to this type of heat source.  However, if you can afford to convert to using heat pumps in your home, there any many benefits.

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Protecting Your Gas Boiler

If converting to renewable energy is not something you are in a position to consider in the immediate future, you can prolong the life of your current boiler, by putting measures in place proactively.  This will help you to delay any increased costs that may be incurred, by needing to replace it for a new gas boiler.

At Moorland Heating Ltd., we will be keeping our installation costs the same, for as long as we can possibly sustain it as a business.  Our aim is to keep our services competitive, and avoid passing on the extra cost to our customers, whilst we can.

To be pro-active…

  • If your boiler is coming to the end of its life, consider replacing it as soon as possible, before prices escalate.
  • Take care of your boiler, by ensuring you have an annual service.  This not only keeps you and your family safe, but can prolong the life of your boiler, and help avoid potential breakdowns.
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Contact Us

If you would like to discuss installing a new boiler, or would like to book in for a boiler service, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you do require a new boiler, we can help buffer the costs, by offering boiler finance (subject to meeting the criteria, and required credit checks.)  We also offer a boiler care package.