Energy Saving Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

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The summer of 2023 appears to be over.  The clocks have been turned back to allow us a little more light in the mornings, and the temperature is starting to finally drop.  Many of you will be considering switching the heating on, with some hesitation – wondering whether you are going to be able to afford the bills.  At Moorland Heating, we have some energy saving tips which should help you to stay warm, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

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Do You Need to Bleed Your Radiators?

Bleeding should be undertaken intermittently, to help avoid air build-up in your radiators.  If you are experiencing issues where you seem to have cold spots, e.g. the top of your radiator is not as hot as the bottom, this is an indication that bleeding is required.  This is one of the vital energy saving tips, as your system will need to work harder to produce heat if excess air is obstructing the flow.

Instructions for Bleeding a Radiator:

To bleed a radiator, you will need to identify which radiators have been affected by going around the house and feeling them whilst the heating is on.  Once this has been carried out, the heating should be switched off and allowed to go fully cold.  You should have a radiator key, which will be the tool you use to carry out the bleed.  It would also be a good idea to have a bowl, and a cloth or towel to hand, should there be any leakage.  At the top of your radiator (usually at one end) there will be a valve in which the tool will fit. 

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The Bleeding Process

Turn the radiator key until you start to hear a slight whistling sound, which will be the air/gas escaping.  This is the point when you may possibly experience some water leaking out.  Once you hear the water resembling a steady stream, turn the key back to its original position.  When all of the identified radiators have been bled, you should switch the heating back on.  Go around and check that there are no more cold spots.  Once you are happy that your system is running efficiently, you may need to adjust the pressure in your boiler.  See the following guide from Worcester Bosch:

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More Energy Saving Tips

If you are constantly having ‘heated discussions’ with your family regarding the temperature of the house, you may want to inform them that as a household, it is possible to save approximately £100 on energy bills per year, simply by turning the thermostat down by 1degree. 

There are other ways to keep in the heat.  Make sure all of your windows are sealed properly.  If your windows are old and you cannot afford to replace them, you can purchase a storm film which adheres to the windows via heat, such as a hairdryer, and helps prevent cold air from coming in, and warm air from escaping.  Use draught excluder strips and maybe even a singular, heavy curtain to keep cold air from entering the house, and stop warm air from escaping through letterboxes or poorly fitted doors.

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Make Sure Your Boiler Is Energy Efficient

If your boiler is old, it will not be running to its full capacity.  This in turn, will be costing you more money than usual on energy bills.  An inefficient boiler will be under constant stress, and need to work extra hard to produce the same amount of energy as it would if it was new.  When this happens, it uses a lot of extra fuel in order to function.  Whilst servicing your boiler regularly is essential, as it will prolong its life, provide you with peace of mind that there are no gas leaks, and help to prevent multiple breakdowns, aged boilers will mean that it will eventually deteriorate and have an effect on efficiency.

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Upgrading Your Boiler

Upgrading your boiler is an excellent energy-saving tip.  Although this will involve an initial cost, it will save you money in the long run.  Upgrading need not be a cause of panic.  You don’t have to come up with the money upfront.  At Moorland Heating Limited, we offer boiler finance* with affordable monthly payments, and can supply and expertly install quality boilers to suit your budget. (*Finance is subject to meeting credit check criteria.)  

Replacing your old boiler with an energy efficient ‘A’ rated one can save you up to £355 per year on your gas bills. (Estimated figures, correct as of October 2023.  Source:

Use the quick quote tool on our website to obtain a ballpark figure of how much a new boiler would cost.  Note: a visit by one of our trusted Heating Engineers will be required in order to receive a firm quotation.

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